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I am proud to be partnering with the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter, providing a pillowslip for every woman that seeks shelter. Each Roumage purchase helps make a slip for these women in need. 
Every two pillowslips has approximately 170cm x 16cm worth of off-cut fabric left over. The Patchwork Series is a range of pillowslips made from these pieces of material. Extra time and care is dedicated to this series ensuring each woman receiving their gift is given a perfect standard sized organic silk pillowslip.  
The Northern Beaches Women's Shelter can accommodate up to 10 women at a time, plus 3 women working through transition back to community accommodation. Roumage will be continuously providing the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter with at least 13 silk slips at any one time. Women are welcomed with their own Roumage silk pillowslip which is theirs to keep at the end of their three month stay.
By supporting Roumage you are supporting women who have found themselves homeless due to issues such as domestic violence or physical, emotional or sexual abuse. 
To find out more about the Northern Beaches Women's Shelter click the link below. 
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