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Pillow Talk with WOMAN.

Pillow Talk with WOMAN.

This week we kick off our Pillow Talk series, where we interview fabulous people who align with our Roumage values. Over the coming weeks, our interviews will cover topics such as sleep, health & wellness, the environment and sustainability, women (because we're bloody fabulous!) and relevant topical events.

Today, we share our chat with the lovely ladies and Founders of WOMAN. Abby and Lucy. We first stumbled upon WOMAN. via Instagram, where all brilliant relationships start, right? Abby & Lucy have built a supportive community inspiring creativity, connection & conversation through their platform WOMAN. It is essential for us as women and business owners to have the support of a community. 

Let’s get stuck in; first of all, you are ladies after our own heart because when reading about you, we got the vibe that you enjoy an excellent deep and meaningful chat over a few wines (and cheese!) while building up the women around you. Honestly, we LOVE THAT! 

So, that's where we will begin; how did you both meet, and where did your friendship start?

Hi Sam, Thank you for having us. We met through our partners about ten years ago and hit things off immediately. We have always had a significant role in supporting each other in our businesses and journeys, which has only grown over time. 

Tell us about WOMAN. what it is, and why you started?

We created Woman. after realising there was a gap in our community for support for women in the creative industries, business and just in their creative journeys, we created Woman. As business owners ourselves, we were regularly getting approached for advice and insight about our journeys, and we thought, why not share with more women. 

How do you navigate your friendship and business partnership?

With wine, of course. Haha, We have set days to work on the business together, and weekends or other times are for our friendship and socialising. 

As a fellow female-founded business, we know the importance of having a great community around you; business life can be lonely. What advice would you give to new business owners?

We totally agree, and this is one of the main reasons Woman was created. We would say to make sure you build up your community of supporters, whether online or IRL. It makes the experience of owning and running a business not only easier but more enjoyable. It's also important to make sure you reach out to your support network when you're finding things tough or need someone to chat to.

The articles you publish are brilliantly diverse, from business to self-care, recipes to style, and everything in-between. What do you look for when receiving article submissions? 

Anything that aligns with our core values. Content that is relatable and lighthearted is always great, and anything that has some tangible tips or inspiration that our readers can take away from. 

What do you hope to see in the future for WOMAN.?

We love to see our community continue to grow and thrive, and we’re also expanding our events calendar and look forward to sharing more of what our community has to offer. 

Finally, who is your favourite woman?

There's far too many to have a favourite, so we're going to go with a different take on this answer and each ourselves. It might sound lame, but it's important to value yourself and your talents, especially when running your own business. It's so important to stay unique. As quoted by Bianca Gregg of Del Rainbow ‘No one is you and that is your superpower’. 

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