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Are you sleeping with chemicals?

Are you sleeping with chemicals?
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For years the word Organic and what it stands for has become more and more popular along with the desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. But it shouldn’t just be food that we are concerned about. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, absorbs everything you put on it especially your face, which has been found to be several times more absorbent than its counterparts!

It is important to understand the ingredients that make up our skin care products, washing detergent, clothes and especially our pillowslips. A lot of products have either been treated with or contain toxic chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides and bleach.

So why should we care about Organic Silk? Firstly, the protein that makes up silk fibre is the closest thing to our skin and comes with a tonne of healing properties. Its ability to regulate body heat stems from the breathable qualities of the fabric, which helps in ensuring a good nights sleep and has been said to assist with the hot flushes associated with menopause. The non-absorbent characteristics of silk not only ensures that your night-time moisturiser doesn’t end up on your pillow case it also helps keep moisture close to the skin, leaving you waking up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day ahead. Organically produced silk is hypoallergenic and naturally deters allergens such as dust mites and mould. Not only beneficial for our skin, it has been found that sleeping with a silk pillowslip reduces hair breakage and tangles and will even make your blow wave last longer.

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Not only do the properties of organic silk benefit us as humans the production process is one of the most eco friendly processes around. Silk worms feed off the mulberry leaf. Mulberry tree plantations help with CO2 production offering a large capacity for carbon mitigation. Essentially, the trees store Carbon Dioxide (one of several greenhouse gasses) instead of releasing it into the atmosphere.

Commercial non-organic silk fabric is usually made up of synthetic alternatives like polyester. These cause havoc to our environment as each time they are washed micro fibres are released which pollute our oceans and ultimately end up in our food chain. Additionally, the cocoons of the silk worms are washed with bleach in order to ‘clean’ it of its natural protein content. This leaves you sleeping for 8 hours amongst toxic chemicals instead of the natural protein of organic silk fibre.

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When choosing to buy organic we are supporting those whose products are free of harsh chemicals and made ethically, this means not only are they good for us but they are also gentle on the environment in which we live. 

At Roumage we only use certified organic silk because we want you sleeping with the best.

Are you #sleepingwithroumage?


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