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Why Sleeping on ORGANIC Silk is a Health Benefit

Blog - Why Sleeping on ORGANIC Silk is a Health Benefit

It is scientifically proven that getting a good night’s rest is essential for the human body to function healthily, and is one health benefit that we often compromise or don’t take as seriously as, say healthy eating and exercise. 

Did you know: Sleeping on organic silk can improve your sleep,  as well as provide anti-aging benefits, and improve skin and hair health. The best part is that this all happens while you are sound asleep. 

You might say,  when you sleep on organic silk you really are getting your beauty sleep! 


So, let’s delve in and investigate a little further: 


Organic Silk regulates your temperature

I think we can all agree that waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot and sweaty can really disturb our sleep. With organic silk pillow slips and bedding, the heat is efficiently vented away due to its breathability. Organic silk wicks heat and moisture away twice as fast as cotton. 

Organic silk fabric is the perfect temperature regulator, one of the most important advantages. It maintains the correct body temperature by keeping you cool in summer and warmer in those chilly winter months. 

Organic Silk is Naturally Hypoallergenic  

Organic silk can be the best hypoallergenic solution to skin sensitivity and allergies. As one of the most hygienic materials used for bedding, organic silk has many health benefits for allergy sufferers. This is because it is resistant to dust mite, bed bugs and naturally repels mould and fungus. 

Did you know: Common dust mite-related allergies, such as asthma and sneezing, are caused by the mites’ droppings and when inhaled the allergic reaction begins. 


Organic Silk can maintain and improve healthy-looking hair.

Sleeping with silk not only helps with split ends but also ensures you wake up with frizz-free hair! A silk pillowcase can help keep your hair soft, moisturized and untangled, preventing damage.

Silk amino acid is a natural nutrient found in silk fabric and helps maintain hair moisture and oils. Say goodbye to that morning bedhead look and hello to silky, smooth, radiant hair. 

Organic Silk has Anti-Aging Benefits

Have you ever woke up, looked in the mirror and seen crease marks on your face from your pillow? Yes, well then this is another reason to make the switch to the organic silk alternative. 

Organic silk has been well known for its antiaging properties for many years. The Silk amino acids mentioned above, not only improve the health of your hair but the natural nutrient has also been found to reduce specific signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.

Dermatologists attest to silk’s ability to slow down visible signs of ageing and revitalize skin.

The Roumage organic silk pillow slips are hypoallergenic, breathable and regulate your body temperature as you sleep to ensure you wake up looking your best with hydrated, crease-free skin and smooth, frizz-free hair.
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