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Here We Go Again, How to tackle lockdown like a pro.

Here We Go Again, How to tackle lockdown like a pro.


If you’re like me you’ve found yourself back in lockdown, this is number 3 for us here on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I have to admit, while it’s always a massive disappointment going into isolation, this one feels a little different. Maybe it’s because I’ve done it twice before, maybe it’s because I know there is light at the end of tunnel. I feel less like a prisoner in my own home and I’m determined to be more productive and keep my regular daily routine but how do you stay motivated when every day is Groundhog Day? 

Here are my top tips for getting through lockdown. 

Tip 1 – Keep Your Routine 

It’s easy to get stuck into late nights watching Netflix and sleeping in right before your first Zoom meeting but if you’re used to waking at 5am and hitting sleep at 10pm, keep it this way. Sticking to your regular routine will help when it comes time for restrictions to ease and you need to jump back to your post lockdown life. Keeping up with your usual daily habits will also help with your motivation, it will keep you focused during the day, and it will give each day a sense of purpose. This is an important tip to help keep your mental health in check while you spend endless days inside and while it may seem simple to do it can become quite challenging. Get your partner to do the same or if you live alone set up an early morning walk with a friend to get you up and out of bed, keep you accountable and to make sure you get some time with other people!

Tip 2 – Exercise, Eat, Sleep, repeat

The three main pillars of life; exercise regularly, eat good food and get a good night’s sleep. Exercise not only keeps the body fit but also the mind, which is something that needs some extra TLC when in lockdown. There are some great apps out there that make it easy to workout at home, if you find it difficult to stay motivated and on top of exercise grab a friend and do it together and keep each other accountable. What you choose to eat will also have a significant effect on your mood and motivation, spend the extra time at home learning to cook new things and don’t get too hooked on Uber Eats, your wallet will thank you later too! Lastly, sleep is vital for ensuring our bodies can regenerate and recharge for the next day, it can be difficult to get to bed at a reasonable time when all you want to do is binge the latest Netflix series but getting a good night’s rest will set you up for a productive day, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to tackle another day of lockdown!

Tip 3 – Pens Down, family time. 

It’s important to set boundaries when you are working from home, especially when you have kids. If you have kids around or have to home school, try and tag team with your partner and share the load. This isn’t always easy but remember that you aren’t alone in this so reach out for support from your children’s school. Make sure you clock off from work no later than 5pm, just because your laptop is right there it doesn’t mean you should be working extra hours, it’s time for pens down and to spend some time with your family, it’s not often we are spending every waking hour with our family and so why not make the most of it. If you don’t live with anyone it’s a good opportunity to go for a walk and clear your mind from your work day or facetime your family or friends. Working from home doesn’t suit everyone, remember to always speak to your boss and co-workers about how you can all work together to make the experience easier. 

Tip 4 – Check in and Check out 

We are all in this together, call your friends, check-in on them. Check in on those who live alone, who live away from their family or who are highly anxious. Don’t be scared to call others for help either. It’s also important to not get too sucked into the social media vortex, a lot of hours can be wasted scrolling through other people’s lives, check-out of social media and give your mental health a break. You’ll thank me later!

Tip 5 – Plan ahead

We are all too familiar with the ins and outs of being in lockdown, we know it won’t last forever so why not plan a special getaway with your besties. Not only will it give you something to work on while at home it’s something exciting to look forward to, a reward for getting through yet another lockdown. 

Tip 6 – Stay positive

All these tips are the perfect recipe to help you stay positive through what we hope is our final lockdown. Keep your mind, body and soul active and nourished, reach out to friends and family and plan something exciting for after lockdown is over.  

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