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Top Tips: You should be washing your pillowcases more than you do!

Top Tips: You should be washing your pillowcases more than you do!


Did you know: Surprisingly, your pillowslip can get dirtier than a toilet seat?!

So, today we are here to give you a top tip, according to cleaning guru Shannon Lush "Pillowcases should be changed every second day without fail. It’s against your face, and your hair holds more dirt than anywhere else on the body. It’s like a mop," she told homestolove

She added: "Most people don’t wash their pillows enough, and it’s really vile."

Every night, dead skin cells, sweat & skin creams build up on your pillowcase allowing bacteria to thrive. Luckily, if you’re sleeping on an organic silk pillow slip, they are hypoallergenic and can actually improve skin and hair health. 

Organic silk can be the best hypoallergenic solution to skin sensitivity and allergies. As one of the most hygienic materials used for bedding, organic silk has many health benefits for allergy sufferers. This is because it is resistant to dust mite, bed bugs and naturally repels mould and fungus. 

Did you know: Common dust mite-related allergies, such as asthma and sneezing, are caused by the mites’ droppings and when inhaled the allergic reaction begins.

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So, if you need to wash your pillow slip so often how can we care for them so they last longer?

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