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Bedtime audiobooks to release anxiety.

Female asleep hugging a pillow. Article: Bedtime audiobooks to release anxiety | Audible & Headspace

Going to bed and having one million thoughts flying around your head can really affect your sleep. I find that when I am still and quiet, that is when anxiety rears its ugly head. So, basically when I am in bed. 

Over the last 12 months I have been using Flo App (not sponsored) to track my cycle. However, I have surprisingly found myself also reading the articles they publish. There are so many topics but one recently discussed waking up in the night and tips to help you fall back to sleep. It got me thinking though, what if it’s not that simple to switch off your brain or to “just not check your phone”. What if it’s more than that, what if it’s anxiety? 

Although anxiety is best managed with professional help, I have done some digging and found some great articles that recommend audiobooks to release anxiety. 

Audible’s The 10 Best Audiobooks For Soothing Anxiety is a great go to having hand picked some of the best self-help audiobooks full of useful tools for coping with symptoms of anxiety. 

Another obvious choice was Headspace and their “Sleepcasts by Headspace'' which is audio content designed specifically to create the right conditions for healthy, restful sleep. The Headspace sleep casts can build healthy bedtime routines. The more we go to bed at the same time and learn how to unwind, the more we build a pattern of behaviour that trains the mind to relax and drift off a little bit easier.

Sleep by Headspace — which includes sleep music and sleep casts — is one way to overhaul your bedtime routine and make falling asleep something you look forward to.

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If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression. Please contact Beyond Blue for the best advice, information and help. 

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